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    The Rossmax Health Station
    can be placed in pharmacies and other public places. It helps attract end users to experience Rossmax Bluetooth products before they buy a device and become Rossmax healthstyle APP members. The Health Station is standard equipped with a printer and a camera. NFC Reader, Smart Card Reader and a Bar Code Scanner are available options.


    These devices are Bluetooth compatible and connect to the Rossmax Healthstyle app where you can view your blood pressure, blood glucose, SpO₂, weight and temperature results.


    By syncing your measurements via Bluetooth, you can easily view your history for five different Rossmax products. The Rossmax Healthstyle app allows you to share your measurements with 3rd parties.

    ROSSMAX Health Station - Desktop | 15.6"

    SKU: RMSTM300F
    • • Touch screen
      • Printer

      • Health status receipt which  includes :

         - Health check measurement results

         - QR code to scan results into the Rossmax app

         - Optional discount coupon for Rossmax in-store products

      • Health check stand
      • Camera
      • NFC reader
      • Smart card reader
      • QR code / barcode scanner

      • A full set of connected devices : 

         - PARR Blood Pressure Monitor

         - ACT Finger Pulse Oximeter

         - Blood Glucose Meter

         - Digital Bluetooth Scale

         - Telephoto Thermometer


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